The world of dental technology is growing beyond measure with exciting and innovative technologies that allow you to increase production and quality while maintaining or improving your turn-around times.  CAD/CAM technologies such as milling machines and 3D printers produce a wide variety of complex restorations with the benefit of consistent and accurate results.

As this technological age expands, more and more labs are investing in scanners for their laboratories allowing complete control over designs and settings without the added investment of the manufacturing machine needed to produce the final product. Among some of the many added benefits of an in lab scanner are the fast return times, lower costs and the ability to creatively design each case to your specifications allowing you to focus your energy as a ceramist.

CADTECH Design Center’s experienced staff of professionals is equipped with the understanding of the needs of dental laboratories.  Producing quality products with quick turn-around times, we want to help you grow your business. 

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